Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file the Report of Sale electronically?


In each state it differs. But all state have an electronic system available that will enable the dealer to register the Temporary Tag for the sale of a vehicle. You must registration with the state and purchase the software. You can sign up under a registered agent or alternatively, your dealership has the option to become a registered dealership which requires satisfying certain criteria.

What exactly is a Temp-Tag?

A Temp-Tag is a temporary license plate that gets printed on your laser printer using a special paper you can buy.

When do I need to issue a “Temp-Tag”?

You will only issue a Temp-Tag when the vehicle you are selling doesn’t have either a license plate or has an out-of-state license plate.

How do I print a Temp-Tag?

A Temp-Tag is printed with a laser printer on special, non-destructive paper.

Where will I get the special, non-destructive paper?

You can contact us to purchase this paper from the site.

Where does the printed Temp-Tag go?

The Temp-Tag (or temporary license plate), is placed at both the front and rear of the vehicle. In some states they only require one Temp Tag

Will I have to spend any money out-of-pocket?

Fees are administered by the state of the dealership.

How do I handle the paperwork?

The software will submit and receive a registration number that will be applied to plate and registration card. The Report of Sale has now become electronic. You will no longer need special controlled paper from the DMV that requires printing on a dot-matrix printer.

Will I still need to mail the 5-day notice to the DMV?

No, the electronic report of sale takes care of this.


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