Frequently Ask Questions

Do dealers give temporary plates?

After you complete your paperwork, the dealer may provide you with a temporary plate while your paperwork is processed or actual license plates depending on where you live. … Your registration, whether a windshield or license plate sticker, will arrive by mail before your temporary registration’s expiration date.

Does DMV give temporary plates?

Temporary License Plates. The DMV does not issue temporary license plates. When you buy a new vehicle, the dealer will give you the appropriate paperwork so that you can legally drive your car. The DMV also offers several temporary registrations permits to transport unregistered vehicles.

Can you print a temporary license plate?

Temporary License Plates. If you buy a vehicle from a dealership, they will handle the temporary plates and registration for you. If you buy from a private seller, you can print a temporary transit permit from the DMV website.

How long can you have temporary plates?

Under the current law, new-car drivers are issued a small temporary registration to stick onto the corner of the windshield. You’re then free to ride around without plates for up to 90 days.

How do I get a temporary license plate?

Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles. In many instances, you can schedule an appointment. Apply for a temporary license plate when you register your car. In most instances, this will require proof of insurance, the vehicle title, and a bill of sale indicating sales tax was paid on the vehicle.

What happens if you drive with expired tags?

*If you are found to also be driving without a license or with invalid insurance, penalties could become more severe. *Since having expired tags is a non-moving violation, it is possible to receive a citation even when you are parked and your car is unattended, as long as you are not on private property.

Can I drive with expired temporary plates?

Yes, they are definitely allowed to pull over drivers for expired temporary plates. Parking Enforcement can hand out tickets for expired plates, too, if they’re parked on public streets.

Do you need insurance for temporary plates?

Typically, you’ll need to show proof of insurance even for temporary tags. State laws differ. However, most states do require you to have car insurance on a registered vehicle, even if you just bought it and have only paper or temporary plates on it.

Can I extend my temporary plates?

There is no grace or extension period offered for temporary tags. Many states DMV will issue temporary tags to Residents only. You may obtain a temporary tag from DMV branch offices within 90 days of the purchase of a vehicle. The County collects applicable fees and taxes when a permit is issued.

Can I drive a car with temporary plates?

It is never legal to drive with no tags/registration at all. You must have something on the car. If it is legally registered (even with dealer-issued temporary tags) in the state where you bought it, then you can drive the vehicle anywhere including out of state.

Can you drive a car with no license plate if you just bought it?

Yes, but only if you drive the vehicle directly to the first place of storage (usually your home) within three days of the sale. You must have the properly assigned title and proof of insurance with you. Do not use the seller’s license plate on the vehicle while driving it home.

Can the purchaser use their disabled plates before they are transferred onto their new vehicle? (Can they cover the Temp Tags with their disabled plates?)

No. The disabled plates should not be displayed on the vehicle until they have been assigned to the vehicle and registration is received by purchaser confirming this. The customer may use their placard until it is received.

Which vehicles will need Temp Tags upon delivery?

Any vehicle that does not have license plates at the time of delivery will need Temp Tags. For example: new vehicles, non-resident vehicles, prior Environmental License Plate (Personal Plate) on vehicle, etc.

How long do dealer plates last?

It varies by state, new-car buyers are issued temporary registration that gets tucked away in a corner of the front windshield. They have 60-90 days to get their permanent license plates installed. In the meantime, they’re free to drive around without any means of being identified by law enforcement officials or other drivers.

How long is a temporary car registration good for?

How long is the Purchaser’s Temporary Operating Copy valid? The permit the dealer provides for display on the passenger side of the front window is valid until the plates and stickers are received by the customer, or for 60-90 days from the sale date, whichever comes first.


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